• Eye Dropper : extension gratuite pour identifier le code couleur d

    Internet designers usually use instruments that permit them todetermine the colour code on an online web page. Whether or not you’re one or not, at some point you might want comparable instruments. If you do not know which service to make use of, theidentification of the colour code on an internet site might be troublesome. ...
  • 1011

    You wish transfer files from your computer to your smartphone or vice versa ? I present to you today LANDrop, an open source application available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. The latter allows you to share files between your different devices. Transfer files between your different devices LANDrop is a free app for ...
  • Interface de l

    On the operating system of Apple namely, macOS you have the possibility to switch from one application to another using the keyboard shortcut CMD + TAB. However, this function is limited to displaying icons. Windows users also have a keyboard shortcut (ALT + TAB) for switch quickly from one application to another. However, instead of ...
  • 755

    Many of us consume audio and video content on YouTube. Unfortunately, although there is no shortage of content to view and / or listen to on YouTube, it does not allow us to do everything for free. For example, we cannot enjoy our content offline or in the background without purchasing a YouTube Premium or ...
  • Save an image from the web in the format of your choice

    Save an image to the online is a job that everybody can do. Nonetheless, the image format is probably not to your liking. Certainly, you could come throughout picture codecs which are relatively obscure or that aren’t suitable along with your modifying software program. To treatment this, I discovered a extension on your internet browser ...
  • EnvyUpdate notifies you when an NVIDIA driver update is available

    Update your graphics card drivers (GPU) is important. In particular, this helps to resolve known bugs and improve in-game performance. NVIDIA GPU, you need to install the software GeForce Experience to automatically obtain the new drivers. However, this software is far from unanimous. He is even considered a bloatware from many users. But then, What ...